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MEGALOMANIA currently in development!

MEGALOMANIA - the fourth novel in the DYSTOPIA series - is currently under development. The story moves into the 1990s and follows on from the events of PORPHYRIA, with Sasha closer to revealing her true identity and being forced to face her biggest fear.

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I would definitely suggest making yourself comfortable before you start Dystopia, as I can guarantee you will not be able to put it down.

The Guardian Children's Book Review

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With Dystopia, Ergo has created a unique story and does something most YA authors tend not to do.

PaperTrail YA (click here for full review)


A fascinating and original take on the dystopian genre . . . Dystopia's Sasha is as compelling a female lead as The Hunger Games' Katniss or Divergent's Tris

Forever Young Adult

Plague Risers is a combination of my two favourite things . . . it's Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead

Jared Scott, Book Blogger

Age of Transience is a bold story which embraces contemporary themes of gender and identity in a fascinatingly unique way.

Cate Clark, YA Book Reviewer

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