Anthony Ergo is a writer and musician from Lancashire, England. After graduating from University with an English Literature and Creative Writing degree, Anthony wrote several children's short stories before embarking on his first fiction novel.


"The idea for Dystopia all started with Sasha, the main character, and in particular an image which provoked several questions that I wanted to explore. Sasha is not your typical 'strong female lead' - she's weak, flawed and unsure of herself in many ways. Sasha starts the story willing to exist in a world of paranoia; a single event changes everything and forces her on a journey of self-discovery."


With Dystopia and its follow-up Hysteria already out, Anthony is about to release the third instalment in the series, entitled Porphyria.

An interview with Anthony Ergo by Paisley Piranhas:

PP: We loved Dystopia (click for Katy Haye’s review) and wanted to find out more about it and you. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

AE: I started writing stories at school thanks to a very inspiring and encouraging English teacher. Having graduated with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, I wrote my first children’s book. I soon progressed to writing for young adults to explore more mature themes, such as the world of the supernatural as featured in Dystopia. It’s fair to say that I caught the bug and after seven years of on-off writing I finally published Dystopia in the summer of 2014. By contrast, the sequel – Hysteria – took just three months to write!

PP: Which of your characters would you most like to be stuck in a haunted house or at the bottom of a London sewer with?

AE: I would choose Julietta from my most recent novel, Plague Risers, as she is a sword-wielding destroyer of zombies so I’d feel pretty safe with her at my side.

PP: If we suddenly descended into a totalitarian police state where the writing of fiction was banned, what would you do instead?

AE: Now that sounds like a dystopian society from hell! As well as writing, I’m also a musician – I play bass guitar and electric cello in a rock band. So I guess I would pour my creative juices into the band if I couldn’t write fiction.

PP: What one thing that you know now do you wish you’d known when you were sixteen?

AE: That the only truly important thing is to be happy and to do what you love – anything else is a waste of time and energy.

PP: In three words, why do you love/what’s the best thing about books?

AE: Escape from reality.

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