See below details of available books. Dystopia and Hysteria are available to buy on worldwide on Amazon as paperbacks or eBooks. Plague Risers and Age of Transience are currently unpublished.


“There is another existence which operates in parallel to what we know as the 'real world'. It is a place of paranormal entities and supernatural beings, the like of which most people don't believe in. Sometimes, the two worlds collide, and when that happens, we are called upon.”


It's Friday the Thirteenth, 1987, and it's Sasha Hunter's birthday. It's also the anniversary of The Blackout; a catastrophic world-wide event, and the day Sasha's mother disappeared. Six years on, the world has started to recover. But for Sasha, everything is falling apart . . .

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Seven years ago, a world-wide blackout resulted in the disappearance of Sasha’s mother. Now Sasha must travel to America to discover the origins of The Blackout and the truth of what happened to her on that fateful day.

Halloween, 1988. While Sasha attends The Academy to train as an Agent, Zara and Aaron pursue their own investigation of a mysterious outbreak of Hysteria, a deadly curse which has been unleashed by the Black Witches of Salem.

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Eight years ago, the world blacked out for thirteen seconds. The consequences of that day reverberated through time. For Sasha, only one thing truly mattered: what happened to her mother. The answer is within her grasp but the danger has never felt so real, or so terrifying.

With The Agency in chaos, Sasha, Zara and Aaron take it upon themselves to hunt down the dangerous Metamorph who is hiding in Romania. But what happens when Sasha Hunter becomes the hunted?

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Currently unpusblished

When night falls, they come.


The year is 1544 and the two rival kingdoms of England and France battle for supremacy. Plague has decimated both armies and wiped out half of the population of Europe. But a new enemy is about to rise . . .


Hal, a young archer and reluctant soldier, is forced to fight abroad by his war-mongering father. While holding a French castle under siege, Hal becomes intrigued by a mysterious flame-haired girl who leads the stronghold’s stoic defence. As the English prepare for a final push, the sight of a French relief force brings terror on an unimaginable scale . . . because these same French soldiers all died two weeks earlier.

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